How to Adjust European Cabinet Door Hinges for Home Improvement

Learn the basics of how to adjust the hinges on your European kitchen cabinets from a home repair professional in this free online DIY home improvement video.

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Video Transcript

If you have this style of hinges, the hidden hinges, otherwise known as european hinges, it’s very easy to adjust the door- the cabinet alignment. Sometimes it will be too high or too low, and that’s very easily fixed by using the Philips screwdriver to adjust the screws-the front screw along the hinge here, which turning it counter-clockwise moves the hinge closer to the edge of the cabinet, meaning the bottom of the door would move to the left, and vice versa would move it outward. And you can do the same thing ,or the reverse, on the top hinge which will- various combinations of it will cause the cabinet door to eventually square up the way you want it.


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