How to Remove the Old Ceiling Fan Base

Learn how to remove the old ceiling fan base when installing a ceiling fan in this free DIY video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Chad Smith and I'm a State Certified Journeyman wireman; that's an electrician. Now you'll see in here these wires - don't let me scare you. There's no power on there. Those are dead, don't worry about those. We'll talk more about those later when we go to hang the new ceiling fans. Now you'll notice in here that this is mounted on a hook and bolt. There are two different types of units; there's the type that is like this that has the hook that this hangs on and there's the other type like we are hanging later that has the bolt and the bracket. This is real easy to do. Just take your pliers we had talked about earlier and just loosen these up. This one was already loose because it has been hanging here forever. Just loosen these up. Don't worry a lot about this falling down because there's a hook on this side and that is one of the main reasons that is there to keep it from falling on your head. So you just take these out. This is very easy to do. I'm so proud of you; you stuck with me through this whole thing. See that just falls right down. That is one of the easiest things you could ever do. Just let that hang there while you pull the wires out. This one just pulled right out and you should have a black and a white. Just undo these wire nuts and also the ground. That's how easy it is to remove this old ceiling fan. Okay, now that we've set the old ceiling fan aside, we are ready to do the final step on the removal of the old ceiling fan, removing the bracket. Now these old brackets are normally held by just two screws so just take your screwdriver and just run these screws out; only two of them. Once you get those screws loose and now this bracket will just fall right off the ceiling. Just keep going on. They will eventually come out of the box. See this bracket just comes right off the ceiling; one of the easiest things you could do in the removal of the old ceiling fan. So on to the next part, the exciting part. We are actually going to install the new ceiling fan. I'm Chad Smith and we are installing a ceiling fan in this house today.


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