Finishing Wood Furniture with Lacquer

Find out how to apply a finishing coat of lacquer on wood furniture to provide a protective layer that protects the depth of color - free video.

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Video Transcript

Aright, now we've got it all. Our coat of lacquer is dry and we're going to let it sand again. And, then we're going to apply another coat. And, what we're doing now is just building up the finish. So, when we put our final rub down we've got something to work with. We want a little bit of build up now. And, so we're going to apply a thicker coat of lacquer on the last coat. First, I'm going to sand it. Everything I have here in the shop, is of course industrial stuff. We've got equipment spray with a spray booth and all that. These can be achieved at home. You can use a brush, a foam brush, bristle brushes. You can even use aerosol cans if you needed to. But, to achieve this type of depth and finishing you need to go through all these steps. The critical part, is the filler and the glazing and shading and all that. But, to apply the surface material, the clear coats, you can use a brush or you can use a spray if you have an apparatus like we've got here. Now, I'm going to turn it on again and we'll put our last coat of lacquer on top and let that dry. And, see what it looks like. Alright. That will be the final coat of lacquer we're going to apply today. And, we're going to let this dry. It's best to let it dry for two or three days. Let the finish harden up, become a harden shell and then we'll work on the next part of the process. And, that's to clean it up and make it look polished and finished.


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