Basic Hot Tub Wiring

Wire a hot tub in this free hot tub maintenance video.

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Video Transcript

OK, here we're going to talk about the different wiring requirements for spas. Many spas, most common will be a two-forty volt, fifty amp dedicated circuit, which means that is it on its own breaker, it is a GFCI breaker which is for your safety and also we can, you can hook it up to a plug in type fifty amp circuit, again dedicated like this one here. Or most commonly you would hire a licensed electrician to connect it to a box type of GFCI breaker in your home or on the side of the house. Things to take into consideration is the amount of power that spas take. These heaters do work very hard to keep the spa hot, especially in winter time, so that's one reason why they do require such a large breaker. So having the availability of power at your home is something that a licensed electrician can tell you if you have it or not or what needs to be done to the home to accommodate the power needs of the spa. Also you can wire a spa for a hundred and twenty volts, very similar to wiring or plugging in any other appliance in your house. Again, that does need to be on a dedicated circuit. Also, check with a licensed electrician again when doing this because even though a one twenty spa should be dedicated circuit on its own breaker to allow for enough power needs for that spa, that just allows it to perform all the functions without having breaker tripping problems due to sharing with other voltage appliances in your house.


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