How to Use a Miter Saw to Cope Crown Molding

Learn how to use a miter saw to cope crown molding in this free DIY video.

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Video Transcript

In this next clip we are going to demonstrate how to cope crown on an inside corner. The reason that you might cope crown molding, is that sometimes your walls maybe out a little bit, your angle may not be a true 90 degree; so if you cope it, it gives you some playroom so that if your wall is off, you are still going to have a nice joint. We cut our crown just like a regular inside corner, but the other piece will be run just straight, just a straight cut. So what I would like to do is normally I will get a pencil and I would like to mark a line right on the front leading edge and that way I can see where I need to cut. Now what we are going to do is, when I get the coping saw, I am going to cut it a real steep angle back in this direction. It is really important when you are coping with, crown unlike with base, that you need to pay attention to these areas right here, right here it is really flat in here; by flat I mean when the crown is on the wall, this area is going to be just about that level, but on these areas, you need to cut in extremely deep, otherwise it is not going to fit right in your crown. I will demonstrate that here in just a second. So I am going to get my coping saw, and what we want to do is just follow the line, that’s steep angle, alright and there we have it, we have coped our crown on the inside corner and as you can see, it looks like a pretty good fit. And the great thing about this is if our walls out of square that crown is going to compensate, that cope got in and the crown is going to help compensate for that wall been out.


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