How to Make a Belly for a Santa Costume

Learn some great tips on how to make a belly for a Santa Claus costume for a Christmas party in this free holiday video clip on holiday costume ideas.

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Video Transcript

" HO HO HO" The last thing you need to do before you start putting on your Santa Claus get up is to decide and ask yourself one question; to bulge or not to bulge? As in your belly. Do you want to have the big Santa Claus belly? If you do, perhaps, naturally you have one and you don't have to worry about this, but if you need a little bit of help, there are a couple of options out there. First off, you can go out and you can get a really expensive chassis system, literately, I mean think of basically having a girdle except with basically a pocket in it. Where basically it will make you look like you have a big stomach. If you have an extra fifty to a hundred bucked, then by all means go do that. We're going to do a simpler way here. Which is basically to take pillow and have some string, it can be basic string it can be a shoelace it can be almost anything you can comfortably tie around your body. So, what we are going to do, is your going to have the pillow, and try to make sure its a pillow you can definitely fluff up down toward the middle to really make it where there is going to be a big, there?s a lot of heft there. We are basically going to take our show lace and wrap it around the body. We are going to tie it off in the front. Don't tie it off in the back because it will be a lot more difficult to re-tie if it falls off throughout the evening. And no matter how well you tie a knot that?s always a possibility. So, tie it shoelace style. So, you can easily get it out again if you want to actually go de-bellify yourself after you get out of your Santa Claus costume. And there you go. You basically now have a nice little artificial arctic gut.


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