Chair Yoga for Seniors: Twisting Exercises

Twists are an important part of stretching in yoga that senior citizens can perform from the comfort of their chair. Learn some twisting exercises with chair yoga for seniors from a registered yoga teacher in this free exercise video.

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Video Transcript

Twists are an important part of every chair yoga practice. We'll begin with parallel twist, relaxing the arms down to the sides. Inhaling; sweeping the arms overhead, palms facing. Exhale to release your hands to the right side of the chair seat. Keep the spine neutral, lift your heart, press the feet into the floor and sit tall. Inhaling, sweep the arms overhead, reach. Make lots of space between the bottom of your ribcage and the top of our pelvis. Exhale to grasp the other side of your chair seat, turning to the left and reaching down holding on to the chair seat with your hands. Hold onto the seat, good, good job bring the spine to a neutral position lift your heart. Drop the shoulders away from the ears. Inhale to sweep both arms overhead once more bring the gaze forward lifting. Exhale your right hand to the opposite side of your chair frame as the left hand comes to the right knee, Sage Twist. Sit nice and tall, we'll start the twist at the top of the pelvis and spiral it through the belly. The ribcage, the chest, the shoulders, the neck and the head, the crown of the head all the way to the right coming to look over the right shoulder. Inhaling, bring both arms overhead once more, reach very tall engage the belly. Turn gently to the left take your left hand behind you to the opposite side of the chair frame. Relax your right hand on to the left knee; we'll start the twist just above the pelvis spiraling through the belly, ribs, chest, shoulders, neck and head, coming to look over the left shoulder. Inhaling, sweep the arms overhead once more, very tall. Exhale down to your sides, turn your palms up, sweep the arms all the way back up bring the palms together. Exhale; bring the hands to your heart, Prayer position. We'll turn to the right and release the left elbow down to the knee, the right elbow goes skyward. Inhaling back up come to center pressing the palms firmly. Turn to your left and release your elbow to the opposite knee if possible. Take the left elbow towards the sky lengthen through the neck. Inhale to come all the way back up and come to center.


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