How to Unclog a Toilet

A clogged toilet often can be cleared in a few simple steps. Give these a try before you call in the pros. It should be obvious, but if you think your toilet is blocked, don't use it until the blockage is cleared.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Plungers
  • Plumber's Snakes
  • 5-gallon Buckets
  • Water Source Other Than Toilet
  • Chemical De-clogger
    • 1

      Ask your family if anything is missing. A missing toy or a make up container could be blocking the toilet and if so will likely require you to use a toilet auger. If no one knows about anything missing, you're probably dealing with a clog.

    • 2

      Place some old towels or blankets on the floor around the toilet, (no matter how careful you are, some water will likely splash onto the floor).

    • 3

      Scoop water out of the toilet bowl into a bucket (not down the sink). Leave enough water to cover the plunger

    • 4

      Insert the plunger into the toilet, making sure the rubber globe or cup is fully seated over the drain opening and covered with water.

    • 5

      Push the plunger handle down with firm strokes. Increase pressure on the clog by pushing and releasing the plunger 10 to 15 times. Rough, careless plunging can damage the toilet bowl. If the clog isn't too tight, these bursts of increased water pressure caused by the plunger,will probably clear the obstruction.

    • 6

      Attack tougher problems with a toilet auger, which is similar to a plumber's snake but covered in a plastic sheath to protect the toilet bowl from scratches (see "eHow to Use a Plumber's Snake"). Lost toys, tubes of makeup and stubborn clogs will all probably require an auger.

    • 7

      Flush the toilet when you think the clog has moved. As a precaution, have the toilet tank lid off and be ready to stop the water flow by raising the ball in the toilet tank.

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