Foam Stamps Tips for Clay Molding

Using foam pattern stamps when creating a slump mold is easy and fun. Learn tips from our clay molding expert in this free video clip on how to correctly apply a pattern stamp to a slump mold.

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Video Transcript

A really fantastic way to emboss images into your clay that I've discovered is to use wall decorating stamps. These are made of foam, and what they're really for is making decorations on your wall in paint. But since they're porous and they're very dry, they don't stick to your clay. So you can actually take a stamp like this, sold in a variety of shapes. I mean you can get just about anything you can imagine. You can even buy sheets of this foam and cut it yourself into any shape that you desire. They're pretty awesome. So once you've selected the stamp that you're going to use, you can just take it and lay it directly onto your clay. Press it slowly and gently into the clay. Making sure that you've got every part of that stamp pressed into that clay. And once you've done that you can just pull that stamp right off and Voile' a dragon fly plate.


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