Making a Clay Slump Mold

Clay slump molding is the opposite of hump molding in that the clay is slumped into a bowl shape instead of onto it. Learn expert tips on how this is done in this free video clip on clay molding.

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Video Transcript

Okay I am going to show you how to use a slump mold. If you are using a plastic mold like this you need to have some kind of lubrication. You can use a lubricating spray, you can use vegetable oil, anything that repels water, give it a little hit. You need just a little bit you don't need a lot and if you put too much on there you are going to crack your clay. Then you are going to take your slab and you are just going to lay it directly on to that mold. Once you have done that get a sponge that is pretty moist and press this in all the way across the mold. Now this is going to be universal to any kind of old. Whether it is a plastic plate like this or whether you have made it up out of wood or Styrofoam sheets or clay, any kind of slump mold, this is how you are going to apply the clay to it. Now once you have got the clay laid into the mold, take your needle tool and cut the excess away. Now this just gives us a very basic square and I am going to show you a way that you can decorate this using stamps that you buy to decorate your wall.


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