Clay Hump Molding Tips

After texturing your clay molds are needed to form permanent shapes for your clay piece. Learn how to carefully and correctly mold and shape your clay to a hump molding in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Now one way of taking your slab and making it into a form is called hump molding. You have a hump of something. It can be plaster, it can be wood, it can be something that you threw on the wheel and then bisqued. It can be a number of different things. But once you have a form that you are interested in making into a piece, you take your prepared slab, it can have texture, or it can be smooth, whatever you prefer. You lay it right on your hump mold. Center it, make it be so it's going to fit that mold well. And you can buy a fancy wooden paddle at the clay store or you can just get a piece of wood. Either way works just fine. And once you've got it on that mold, you just paddle it into the shape. Gently, you don't want to destroy your texture, but you do want to get the shape of that mold. And once you've got that paddled, you just cut off the excess clay and now you can let it dry to be a just a dish without feet, or you can add feet to the bottom of it right here. And that's what I'm going to show you next.


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