Giving a Birthday Roast

The birthday roast is a speech given that jibes or teases the subject in a manner that still shows respect. Learn to give a great birthday speech from an award-winning public speaker in this free video.

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Video Transcript

O.K. now we are getting ready to have a little fun with the guy or gal that we're giving this birthday speech to. This is called the roast section and I'm not talking about cooking a roast, I'm talking about making fun or having a little bit of fun with the birthday recipient. This is where you want to bring up, not necessarily making stuff up about the person but you might want to bring up events that have happened in this person's life. And jab at him a little bit or give him a hard time or make a little bit of fun. You might mention the time that old Ted was truth or dared into to streak across the football field and how scary that was for everybody who saw. Some event in their life where you can have a little bit of fun with them. Now a couple of things that you have to remember, don't offend anybody. O.K. don't offend the birthday recipient and don't you know take a look at who your audience is maybe you know ahead of time, but you don't want to say anything that would offend anyone in the audience especially the birthday girl or guy or his or her family. So keep that in mind but have some fun. People are usually really good sports about this and a lot of people are very entertained by the funny things that they did and you making fun of the funny things that they did. So have a little fun in this section but don't belabor it, don't go on and on and on and on, O.K.


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