How to Cut Pants & Shirts for Zombie Costumes

Who needs to buy a zombie costume? Learn how to make a homemade zombie costume for Halloween in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Another reason not to get too attached to the clothes you just bought at the thrift store is because now we're going to shred them. Using either scissors or razors, we're going to especially along the pants, take lines and start off and come done with the blade. We're going to do this repeatedly. What is this going to do? This is going to put your pants in a taders. It's going to give an effect as if your pants have been degenerating under ground, which of course for zombies is true. We're going to do this on our pant leg and we're also going to do a bit of it on the shirt. Not so much on the shirt though. Keep in mind that most of the shirt is going to be underneath the blazer. Blazers are of a thicker material. We may do it a little bit around the collar, some razor blading, but the real area we're going to focus on are the pant legs. That's what people are going to see a lot, and when you're really shubbling with your walk, people are going to be attracted to the leg movement and they're going to see that your pants are really ragged. Now, I can not emphasis enough that all razor blading of your clothes is to take place before you put them on. Do not do it with them on. Otherwise, you're going to be spending Halloween in the emergency room and not the party.


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