Adding Ribbons to Christmas Trees

Tips on adding ribbons when decorating a Christmas tree with expert ideas on holiday decorations in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle and I'm Tony Ramirez and we are from Tampa Bay. On behalf of Expert Village this is how to decorate a Christmas tree. So let's talk a little bit about ribbons. So of course ribbons will come on a spool just like this. Of course mine is already rolled out cause I already got it all wrapped up. But here is my ribbon here of course again it follows our color scheme which is our gold and reds that we have going on. So ribbons can be used in any type of ways. I like to personalty use them, I would hang them from the top and so they come down just like this. I have a crazy little knot that I have to hide in a little bit. But I would eventually done from the top of the tree all the way from the bottom. Another way you can use them as a traditional garland where you can have it wrap around your tree as you know as such. With a horizontally look basically. So pretty much ribbon can be used as anything. In a further chapter we will talk about bows. We can actually start tying this up to little bows if you want. Or again hang them up from the top to the bottom or hang them horizontally or whatever else you want to do. This is pretty much ribbon and that is our ribbon section.


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