How to Add a Garland to a Christmas Tree

Learn how to add garland to an artificial Christmas tree in this free holiday video.

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Video Transcript

And now a word about garland. Garland is the next step on our Christmas tree. And basically at this point, you want to start thinking a little bit about colors. Some people just throw on whatever on to their artificial Christmas tree (or real ones for that matter). But you need to ask yourself, "Am I going for any type of color motif?" For example, if you are thinking about hanging lots of red ornaments or just white ornaments, then a candy cane garland would be good for you. In our case, we're thinking about doing some blue ornaments, so we are actually going to have some blue and silver garland. Now, to hang the garland, it's very similar...except it's more simple than the Christmas lights. You are going to start out again on the lower branches. Now try not to obscure or hide or choke out the Christmas tree lights you have here. You want to have some variety. So, often times, I'll start off by leaving some on the upper level and then I'll loop down to the lower one when I'm actually hanging the garland. And, almost always there's a branch or two that looks lonely and wants some garland to hang on it. After that, basically, it's a lot like the Christmas tree lights where you are just going to be like roping around...around your tree. Making sure you have plenty of wall clearance behind your tree will really help us out and not make that too constraining. And then we are going to have nice gaps between the garland as you go all the way to the top of your tree.


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