How to Make Flapping Bat Wings for Halloween

Fun Halloween crafts! Learn how to make flapping bat wings with a straw in this free video clip about Halloween ideas.

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Video Transcript

The next thing we are going to do is prepare our straw. Take a straw and I am using bendy straw. It doesn't need to be a bendy straw. This one just happens to be. I'm just going to cut it about an inch and a half down right in half down about an inch and a half so that you got two pieces like this. Okay, the next thing we want to do is snip the sharp tip off of the skewer. It usually comes right off with a scissor. And just cut that off so that it will be safer. And next we're going to tape our skewer to the center of the bat like this. You want to use a tape that's going to stick well on whatever you're using for the bat body. And just wrap the tape around the skewer a little bit like that and stick the skewer to the center and push the tape down and make sure that’s good and suck. And get another piece of tape for the other side. I lost my tape end. Here it is. The scotch tape did not work well so I am using this packing tape. And again you want to tape that down like that and wrap it around the skewer. Make sure that's secure. Okay, now the next thing we are going to do is attach our straw. So put the skewer into the straw like this and flatten the straw out against the bat. Now I'm going to staple the straw in place. So I want my flat end of my staple on the outside. So and you want to staple at the very end of the straw. So if you slide the stapler onto the bat wing and just sort of eye it, look into the center there and look if it is in place and press your staple. And there we have our staple right on mark. And hold this it should sit nice and flat like that and staple the other side. Then when you slide the skewer up and down you have a nice flapping bat.


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