Repairing Hallmark Ornaments

Hallmark ornaments are very durable, but sometimes, they can break. Learn how to repair Hallmark Christmas ornaments in this free video clip about Christmas collectibles.

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Video Transcript

I want to talk a little bit about repairing your ornaments. Hallmark is one of the best brands when it comes to ornaments, as far as being durable. You can drop them and they don't usually break, but once in a while, they do. They're not worthless, anymore, because you break them, don't throw them away. I recommend, if you have to repair an ornament, like this poor little guy with his head hanging off, that you buy a fast drying clear glue. Super glue if you want to, but never Elmer's because it takes forever for it to dry, and you put a little dab on the spot that you want to glue it back on. Put the head gently back on, or whatever part is missing, and if you hold it for a few minutes until it gets kind of set, then you can lean it up against a cloth or a towel, some place where he doesn't chip and he'll dry and look like brand new.


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