Black Bean Benefits

Benefits of using black beans from both a cost-savings and nutritional standpoint; learn this and more in this free online cooking video taught by an expert chef.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Sheryl with and today we are making a delicious black bean salsa. The keyword in that little recipe is black beans we are talking about in this segment, why beans are so good for you. Now one of the most popular beans that taste so good is the black bean. It cost less then a dollar per pound of the raw black beans. So you can make a lot for less then a dollar when you buy at least 25 pound bags. It is also one of the least beans or one of the least processed, less chemically treated and just one of the best beans that you can get. Just again for example buying in this can it does cost more. It is about a dollar for this one can of black beans. Where the kind that we are making from scratch is about 10 cents so that is 90 cents savings right there. Then even with this bean that have not done too much not being chemically treated, it just has beans, water and salt. It is one of the best foods least processed that you can get another great reason to eat black beans.


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