Make an Orange Supreme

Learn how to make an orange supreme in this free fruit and produce preparation video with easy cooking tips and techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village and today we’re going to show you how to make some orange supremes. And what supreme is it’s just really the meat or the flesh exclusively out of a citrus fruit and I’ve got a navel orange here and in another video we’ll show you how to do a lemon but there’s a lot of recipes that call for an orange supreme, lemon supreme that kind of thing and it’s usually garnish right at the very end of finishing the dish. So I’ve got a small sinatar knife here which looks a lot like a filet knife actually and we’re just going to make a foot I should say on the top and the bottom of the orange here so that we have a stable surface to work with. With that initial cut you can actually see how far the skin and the pift go and we’re going to use that as guide and we’re just going to kind of cut this, skin and pift on a bias or just say at a curvature really. If you’re really concerned about the waste that you’re getting there’s really not a whole lot as you can see, now we’ve shown you in a previous video how to use a microcline and we can get zest off of these peels so that they’re not wasted and we can use those to cook with as well which we’ll do and again I’m just kind of shaving now since the majority of that skin is off and I’m exposing the flesh here that we’re going to use because you’re just eating it as a package deal essentially but we’re looking exclusively for the flesh. Alright so what we’re after is the flesh that’s found right in between these and we use these lines as a guide essentially and as I cut I want to cut into a V essentially so that this will just slide out as would an orange wedge and again we’re just being real careful not to get any of the white pift in there cause it tends to come out kind of bitter. And we want to just be delicate enough with these so that they’ll stay in the shape of what a slice of orange would look like it looks a little bit nicer on the plate that way and there are your supremes so we’ll just continue this pattern for throughout the rest of the orange and this is what’s going to be left is the membrane in between that separates the flesh itself and that is how you get your orange supremes, so it’s a really nice garnish on the plate and you bite into it and it’s all the nice juicy bits of orange.


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