Pizza Dough Recipe

Discover tips for making pizza dough in in this free instructional video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Greg Goldberg, you can reach us at today we are going to be talking about pizza making. First we are going to talk about the basics of dough. Now not everyone knows this dough has two sides to it. When you make the pizza first the smooth side and I lightly floured this it is very important to always keep the dough floured and the rough side. Now the reason it is important is because the rough side would stick to a pizza stone or the oven where the smooth side is going to be able to lift it off. So you have your nice finish product with a crisp crust. Basic ingredient of dough we are talking about water, flour, salt, and sugar. Now salt and sugar is just a taste if you like it particularly sweet a sweet dough go ahead and add a little extra sugar. Yeast is another very, very important ingredient you add a lot of yeast you get sort of a Greek style pizza real fluffy and airy. If you don't add much your are going to be looking at a thiner crisper, more Italian style. Either way it is great! Then what you are going to be doing when you have the dough you need to make sure to flour it like I said.


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