Baking a Four-Strand Challah Bread Loaf

Learn tips on the best way to bake Challah loaves with four strands of dough in this free recipe video clip on bread baking.

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Video Transcript

now I'm going to show you how to make a four strand braided challah. Lets take the other half of dough out, lightly dust your board with flour before you start. We would push out the air and we will cut this into four equal pieces. Okay we are going to roll these out the same as the three strand but of course with a little less dough. So start by making them fairly even. When they get about this thick then you will just stretch out a little bit on the ends and get that strand to be fat in the middle and skinny on the ends. Do it a little longer then that. Okay and continue first make it even and at the end push down and stretch out at the ends to get that nicely shaped strand. Here is number four, push down, as I push lightly in the center and then as I work out I push harder to get that the ends a little skinny. Push in the center, go to the ends, and push down to get that nice shape. Now again we are going to squeeze our four stands together and this time we are going to do a weaving pattern. It is going to be over one, under one and over one and we would just continue that same pattern. Here we go over one, under one, and over one, over one, under one, and over one, over one, under one, and over one, one more time, over one, under one, and over one. When you get to the end you can do it one more time over one, under one, over one, and then we would just pinch these together and tuck them in and do the same here pinch and tuck and we would place that on our prepare pan with our three stranded challah and again we would put plastic wrap over the top to keep it moist and let it rise for one half hour. It should double in bulk in a half hour rising.


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