How to Bake Stuffed Salmon

Learn how to bake crab-stuffed salmon with forbidden rice with expert cooking tips in this free gourmet seafood video clip.

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Video Transcript

CHEF BLONDIE: And I'm also taking a little bit of butter and oil, 'cause I'm only cooking the one side of the fish. And I'm putting it across the top of the fish. Just a nice, light basting going to give a little bit of delicateness. Its also going to help to cook it a little bit. And from here, we're transferring this into a 350 degree preheated oven. And that's going to go for about 15 minutes. What we're really looking for is for the fish to reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees. So, in approximately 15 minutes I'm going to put my little handy thermometer in there, although, we really don't need to do that, 'cause you're going to be able to visually see that that fish is ready. Now, I'm wondering, what do I do with all this leftover crab that I have in the salad? Wouldn't it make a nice little crab cake for the side of my meal? I think so. So I got up some of my fresh bread crumbs. I make this, I save this all the time from homemade bread, and we're going to make a couple of crab cakes.


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