How to Tell When Meatloaf is Done

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How to tell when meatloaf is done while it's in the oven; learn this and more in this free online cooking video taught by expert Rich Buccola.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Meatloaf
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Video Transcript

Hi this is Rich Buccola here in NYC and on behalf of Expert Village today we're going to show you some great comfort food and making meatloaf. Time to get excited now cause we have a finished product one of the utensils you might need is a nice sturdy plate. You don't have to have it just put it on a regular plate. Make some mash potatoes make some gravy make some vegetables make a salad you have dinner. I'm just showing you the meatloaf part real simple I put it right here I come over to my oven it's going to look great me and Gracie are going to have some meatloaf. We might even give some to the camera girl is she's nice to us we'll see what happens but look how beautiful this is. It don't get better than that folks put it on your oven watch it's going to be very very hot, your going to take a spatula and just you know your going to be very careful here cause it's very very hot. Get a spatula get a fork just get right under with your spatula hold it with your fork like this pick it up let it drain a little bit. Put it right into your thing here on your plate your serving plate you want to garnish it with a little parsley for color you really don't have to. But just look how great that looks folks.


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