Easy Recipe for Old Fashioned Meatloaf

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An easy recipe for old fashioned meatloaf; learn this and more in this free online cooking video taught by expert Rich Buccola.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Meatloaf
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Video Transcript

Hi this is Rich Buccola here in NYC and on behalf of Expert Village today we're going to show you some great comfort food and making meatloaf. So we're on meatloaf so what makes me an expert on it I know I love to eat it I definitely I know I'm an expert on eating it but all kidding aside I am not a professional chef but I have cooked for my restaurant that and bar that I use to have years ago. Meatloaf was something that I would cook every once in a while to everyone loved it's a very simple inexpensive meal to make and basically my expertise comes to the fact that I cooked this probably hundreds of times through the years. It's again a very inexpensive way of jazzing up some chop meat it's a way of making a comfort food really comfortable. Why do they call it comfort food because it makes you feel good after you eating it, it's a great food for a cold day usually on a cold day you would make this meal. Even now it doesn't have to be a cold day it's just good comfort food like I aside I cook because I grew up with a family that had a mother who came from 3 sisters who all cooked and again living in a Italian neighborhood. Irish girls they learned the secrets and became great cooks I enhanced and learned through my mother and my aunts and I think I became a pretty good cook. So hopefully today you'll enjoy our meatloaf.


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