How to Remove Husks From Tomatillos for Pulled Chicken Enchiladas

Learn how to remove husks from tomatillos for pulled chicken enchiladas with expert cooking tips in this free easy Tex-Mex recipe video clip.

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Video Transcript

Our first step for making our tomatillo salsa is to actually get the tomatillos ready. Tomatillos are actually apart of the gooseberry family. If you've ever seen gooseberries they also have this kind of husk around them. The husk in inedible, so part of our preparation is to remove them. Sometimes you find these in the grocery store without the husks on them. A lot of times that means that they're not as fresh. Keep that in mind. The other thing that inedible is the stem that you see here. We're going to pull off the stem and the husk. You'll notice that it's sticky on the outside. That's okay. That's completely normal. This recipe is actually my mom's recipe. We grew up eating this all the time. In fact, we had people coming over just to eat my mom's chicken enchiladas. I'm glad I got this recipe and I get to share it with you all. You'll know your tomatilos are ready and ripe. Whenever you touch them they should give way just a little bit similar to a tomato. They shouldn't be too hard, but just given just a little bit. We've just got a few more to go here. This husk is being a little sticky. We'll just give it off this way. Sometimes they stick, but we're going to boil these so if there's any leftover pieces of husk, we'll be able to fish them out. Don't worry too much if they stick a little bit. This is our last one here.


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