How to Blanch Potatoes for French Fries

Learn how to blanch potatoes to make duck fat French fries with expert cooking tips in this free gourmet recipe video clip.

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Video Transcript

today I am going to be showing you how to make Gourmet French Fries cooked in duck fat. You can see our oil is sitting at about 335 right now. It is actually going to drop a little bit more. I've turned the heat down. It is kind of tricky finding the exact temperature which is why you want to have one of these thermometers. You just kind of need to play with it. Once you find a good heat, you can put it somewhere between 3 and 1 to stabilize that temperature at least long enough to cook with. Okay let's put our potatoes in because they are not French Fries yet. We are going to drop them in one at a time to make sure they don't touch and be very careful while you are doing this so you don't burn yourself. As a matter of fact if you want, you could lower these in here with tongs or a spoon. So you see. We are going to let them go in here for about 6 to 8 minutes and what will happen is they will turn a nice and golden brown color. When that happens, we will go ahead and pull them out and let them rest for a while. So it's not unusual to see them bubble up like these. That's what happening when moisture is coming out of the potatoes. Had we not dried them off, we would see tons and tons of moisture coming out. So we are going to set our timer here and set it for 5 minutes and we will come back in 5 minutes and see how our potatoes look.


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