Cracking a Florida Stone Crab Claw

Stone crab is easily one of the best seafood dishes. Learn how to crack open a Florida stone crab claw in this free video about preparing fresh seafood.

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Video Transcript

Okay, in this clip, I'm going to show you how to crack and clean off a Florida stone crab claw. This is a Florida stone crab I'm going to show you how to crack. When I eat these crab claws, I take my oyster shucking knife. You can use this to pick crabs, to shuck oysters, to shuck clams, a lot of things, scallops. I take the back of the handle and I'm going to give it a good smack right across the top of the shell in the broad section. I do the same thing on the other side. Try to be careful not to hit it too hard. And you're going to pick the shell right off of the meat. Luckily, this one peeled out nice for us. This is the way it's going to be served to you in a restaurant, probably with some melted butter or cocktail sauce on the side. And you have a beautiful stone crab claw ready to eat. Delicious!


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