How to Open a Coconut

Before preparing fresh coconut, the first step is to open it. Get tips for opening a coconut easily in this free video all about coconuts.

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Video Transcript

Okay, let's talk about how we open this coconut so we can use it. So we're going to unwrap this little guy here and we're going to, first we're going to get the water out of it. There's some in there. So this is the, this looks like the top but it's not. This is actually how it hangs is right like that when it's growing. Of course it has all the green stuff on it. And we're going to look for a hole here that's real easy to pour the water out, but not always easy to find. So we're going to take our knife here and we're going to start stabbing in here and see if we can find that, that hole that we're looking for. And sometimes they're hard to find. Now I'm not really pushing too hard, I'm just trying to, to locate it. And ah, there it is. See there, we went there and boom, in the knife went. And once we get there, we're going to just turn the knife, hold the knife and turn the coconut like so and open up a hole in there. See we're, it's opening up there. And that's how you, you open the coconut to get the fluids out.


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