How to Cut Radishes

Learn how to prepare and chop radishes with expert tips in this free how-to video on cutting vegetables.

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Video Transcript

Another tasty root with catering tips 101 is the radish. It is not only delicious for snacking and great in salads but it is a really nice addition for crudites, because the color is fantastic. But there's a couple of tips that I'd like to share with you on how to prepare them. Here's one; sometimes they have this kind of sad looking greens. Just pinch them off and use something sharp like a paring knife and free yourself up of the root end. The long end and where the stem came from. OK? So here are your prepped radishes. Now you magically have a surface that's flat, so you can actually work with it. I'm using a nice sharp chef's knife and I'm going to cut them in quarters for a crudites which is really fun or I can cut them into circles so they're nice and small for salads. That way they're really pretty, very flavorful and they have a lot of crunch. Delicious. Radishes. They're not just for breakfast.


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