How to Chop Green Onions

Learn how to prepare and chop green onions with expert tips on cutting vegetables in this free how-to video on cutting vegetables.

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Video Transcript

One of my favorite kinds of onions are scallions they are green onions and they are delicious. The nice tip about green onions is that you can use the entire portion except for the very tip we are going to trim off first. I'm going to take a nice sharp knife and I like to line up all my scallions in a row several because again I'm all about saving time. I'm going to whack off the root base, right there. I'm going to put them in my mulching bin so I can turn them into mulch a little later on. Then I'm going to use my knife and I'm going to start my making a nice big consistent cuts. This size scallion you can use for salads you can use them for garnish, you can use them to top on baked potatoes and what not. So I'm going to reserve that portion here and then you get to use the other portion which are the wonderful green tips which are a really delicious treat to add to salad dressings, sauces, marinates. These I'm going to minced really fine so I can use some also for garnish. You can use pretty much all of it all to the very end the tips might be a little bruise so sometimes I'll reserve that last depending on there quality. Actually they are pretty good but I'm still going to add them to my mulching pan. Not a bit was waisted that wasn't at all, scallions, green onions.


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