How to Shape the Dough for Sufganiyot

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Learn how to shape the dough for traditional Chanukah sufganiyot with expert cooking tips in this free Chanukah recipe video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Traditional Chanukah Treats
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Video Transcript

Our sufganiyot dough has risen now and now we are going to roll it out and make those nice donuts. So here is our dough. You want to have a little bit of flour to dust your work surface with. You can just pull that dough out like this and flatten it. Just push the air out of it and turn it over in put a little bit of flour. Let me put the flour to the side. You are going to roll the dough out to about somewhere between a half inch and a quarter inch like that. Very easy. I'm going to use a cup about the size that I want. I want about two inch circle. If you have some cookie cutters, you can do that. These donuts are not a donut with a hole in it. There are a round donut and just cut out as many donuts as you can out of your dough. That one is a little different size. I'm going to place it on a pan with just a piece of baking paper and we would let those rise for about half hour and then we would fry them and fill them. After you do your first cutting we gather up the dough and reroll it out and cut the rest of it. Now some recipes calls for you to put the jam before frying. I really do not recommend that because the jam usually leaks out during the frying and it makes a mess in the oil. The donuts would just have burnt sugar on them all over them because of the jam. So I don't recommend if you have found a recipe that calls for putting the jam in before you fry it, I would recommend not using that sort of a recipe. Now with the rest of the dough, I'm going to pinch it into a nice shape and this one I'm just going to toss and use it for our testing piece. We want to test the oil to see if it is frying. Just take your scrapes and set them aside and we would use them for the testing the oil later. So this is going to sit for half a hour and then we would be frying in the Canola oil.


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