Making Butter Cream Icing For Decorating Cakes

How to make butter cream icing for decorating a cake; get expert tips on homemade cake recipes in this free baking video.

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Video Transcript

We are going to be sharing with you cake decorating skills. Now to make butter cream icing, you need two things. You need butter, which is about at room temperature, and you also need powdered sugar. So I started off with just a little bit of butter and powder sugar added to my mix here. I am going to turn that on a very low blend until it begins to mash together. Now if you get it a little too thick, sometimes you can add a little milk, and that will help you to get that butter cream but the ratio is about one stick of butter to one cup of powdered sugar. I am going to add just a little milk to that to help it to blend down a little bit more. As that continues to mix down, it is going to be the consistency of a nice icing, and you are able to do a lot with that; make nice roses and nice petals because the icing will be thick enough to stand up for decorating purposes. And you use your own judgment if you need to add a little bit more powder sugar or add a little bit more milk to help the consistency of yours to get to the desired thickness that you have—that is what you need to do. I hope you got the opportunity to learn something new today, and I would encourage you to continue on with some of our other segments and learn some other new things about cake decorating.


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