Coloring Cake Fondant

Add color to your cake decorations with fondant. Learn how to color fondant in this free video clip about decorating a princess birthday cake.

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Video Transcript

Next we want to color our fondant. I've rolled all the fondant that I'm going to use to cover the dress and you can take the paste colors and a toothpick or a plastic knife or a spoon and kind of rub the color into it. And then, we'll continue kneading the fondant to get the color nice and smooth and solid and you can stop at different points. If you want it darker, you add a little bit more color. And again, you fold it and squeeze or roll it and continue this. You'll see it starts to get a little bit striped or marbled looking. Now some people like to use it when it's all marbled like that. It has a nice effect and you can stop and roll it at that point. When I'm making something that looks like paper or parchment a lot of times I'll stop at that stripy look and roll it out and it gives a nice marbleized look. But we're going to keep kneading this until we have a nice solid blue color. Again, if it beings to get sticky in your hands while you're working it, take a little bit of margarine or shortening and just coat your hands with it and continue to knead your fondant.


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