Glazing "Death By Chocolate" Cake

How to glaze "Death By Chocolate" cake; get expert tips on baking homemade dessert recipes in this free cooking video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Karen. Now we are going to glaze our Death by Chocolate Cake with our ganache glaze. I've warmed by ganache glaze up again so that it will be more pourable. We are going to pour this over so that it totally coats the cake. Using a rubber spatula, pour all the glaze into the middle and work your way to the edges. It will take all of it. With a metal spatula, I am just going to coax glaze over to the edge. You can turn the cake while you are doing it just so that it will drip down the edges. See it is starting to drip down the edges. Okay, you just coax it over there to the edge and just lightly and then take the spatula and spread it. If you need a little more just push a little bit more over the edge and gently spread it around. Get a beautiful glossy coating with the ganache glaze. Coax it around the edge and spread it gently. Don't worry if it gets a little messy around the edge. We will wipe that later. Now turn the cake, push it over the edge and spread it. You don't want to push too much over the edge because you will end up with a big puddle on the plate so we will just very gently coaxing it over the edge and spreading as it comes down. This is how we will coat this whole cake; almost just around the edge. Okay just check all the way around to see if we have covered everything and oops, I'll clean that up later and just smooth around the edge and give it one more smoothing on the top. Before we put our chocolate roses, chocolate leaves on there, we are going to let this cool completely.


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