How to Attach a Toilet Tank to the Bowl

Learn how to install a toilet tank to the bowl from a professional plumber in this free home improvement and repair video tutorial.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we will be attaching the tank to the bowl with the bolts that we prepped earlier and the gasket. Just make sure that you line up your water and tank to your supply source and be careful because this is where most people will break something. Okay, place our bolts. There's one there and there's the other one. Now we are going to put the nuts and washers on the bottom and we are going to slowly tighten those down evenly. Be certain that we pull those down together and not one and then the other. You are sure to break them. So get them both started and going to snug them up a little. So you want to make sure you tighten up the bolts evenly not to crack the top. Crack the porcelain because we are dealing with porcelain. Strong it is but it is also easy to crack it. So working from inside, going to tighten down one side and then the other. Now we are going to tighten this up until this tank makes contact with the bowl. Is it crooked down there anywhere? Oh, it is. We've got this one too tight already. So you want to make sure that it makes contact with the bowl and it is even. Bring it down even. So it's the black washer that we installed earlier and watch that washer in there and try not to distort it too much. It is starting to distort. Is that the washer, which one. The rubber washers that was on the bolts that holds to the tank to the bowl. So you will get a little play in the tank. Just a little. See now its got firm, down and made good contact,


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