How to Care for Japanese Maple Trees

Learn how to care for Japanese maple trees in your home garden in this free garden maintenance video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Scott Reil on behalf of Expert Village I would like to talk to you about tree and shrub maintenance. One of the most commonly used trees I have seen in the landscape around me the Japanese Maples I have usually seen them used in places where they are not quiet right for them. but before you go out and buy Japanese Maples out for your yard lets consider some of the things that are important for these trees. They are not a big tree I mean surely you see them get to 25-30 feet but that is not big for a tree that makes them a stage two type tree in other words they like to be in the shade in other bigger trees that is important thing when you are planting them. otherwise they could get leaves sculls and burn and not look real good and then you are pruning big chunks out of it and it looks less good it is important to take care of them like that. it would also help them maintain them with a little moisture in the soil. Now with that said what are we look for in a Japanese maple well this is blood good. blood good is a old traditional it got a great red coloration to the leaves really really look sharp year round. I especially like the way that the sun light comes through the leaves especially this time of day it just looks great and it adds a big spot of color in my yard. A couple of things to look for this plant probably was not the best plant to buy it has what we call ............... trunks. Now I bought this for a wedding tree for my wife and that is why I bought it with two trunks if you see .............. the thing to look for is what we call the bark ridge in between here. if the bark ridge is still pushing out chances are you are okay. if it is folded back in that is not good and it is going to lead to a problem eventually. but find the Japanese maple that you like, that works for you, there is so many different sizes. everything from the blood good that gets to be 30 or 40 feet ,with a little .......... here ............ is Japanese for dwarf and I keep this one in a bowl size container its very nearly the same age as the blood good behind me but even in the ground this one is only going to be a few feet tall and a few feet wide. So there is a Japanese maple in almost in every shape, size, and color for almost every spot in your yard, they are great trees if you take care of them and if you plant them in the right place.


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