How to Adjust Sprinklers

Learn how to adjust the sprinklers while installing an Irrigation system in this free landscaping video.

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Video Transcript

We are going over adjust sprinklers in your newly installed sprinkler system. So once you have your sprinkler installed and you've covered it back up with dirt and as you can see you really cant see any other pvc piping laying around. What you want to do you want to go ahead and turn on your valve and see where your actual spray and the actual head turn how far that is going. So each sprinkler system will do a specific task this one is a rotating spray and there is some that are stationary. This one we are having a little bit of problem as where it like to go to far and actually hit the fence. So as you can see here is the crane knob and the silver. One controls the actual spray, the area of the spray and the other one controls the rotation, the rotation is with the gray one which your would take a screwdriver and go and rotate or you can do what I'm doing here which is use your hand which is a option as well. Better then completely undoing it again this is something that I prefer to do. Some one else may do something different but this is what works well for me. As you can see I'm taking the actual screwdriver to change the orientation of the spray and also the actual spray header. Still working on the orientation and try to prevent it from hitting the fence cause one do you need to water old wood. This is a simple and can be figured out with a few turns to get it down and once you have it down you should be good. I'm Fernando with Expert Village.


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