Installing Shower Walls

Find out the best way to put in shower walls. Learn how to add a new bathroom to a home, including tips on putting in shower walls in this free home improvement video.

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Video Transcript

Okay, we fit the piece on the wall and now I'm just rubbing over it, making sure it stuck to the wall. Because we don't want it coming loose, ever. This has a protective coating over the face of it, it's got some plastic that will just peel off after we've got the whole inside of the shower put together here. And I do feel like I have some glue on my fingers, so, it's a good thing we have this here. Okay, our first piece is in place and it feels like it's sticking pretty good. I'm about to start gluing the second piece of plywood. We've drawn lines when we did our dry fit, so number one, we know where the piece is going to go once we secure it to the wall. The other thing is, I don't need to glue beyond this point because my plastic is only going to go to here, so, I can save that much glue on that side. And then, up around the hole we cut for the shower valve, we'll glue that real well too. So let's get started. This stuff is really sticky. We caulked all the edges, across the bottom, across the top and then we put liquid nail for our glue, and this is our corner piece. We're ready to put it into the corner here. You want to make sure that you put it right side up and the way you tell is your soap dish is, the ripples will be up. If it was upside down, all of your shelves would be tapered and nothing would stick. Okay, we're going to go ahead and stick it to the wall now. Kind of pressing it in, in the middle here. Now we're going to take masking tape and tape it to the shower sides here and that will make sure that that thing stays in place. Okay, I'm taking masking tape and sticking this in. Now after this is all dried and set up, we'll come back along here with a bead of clear caulk, acrylic latex caulk, just to seal any cracks that may still be there.


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