Setting the Vanity in a Bathroom

Every new bathroom needs a vanity. Learn how to add a new bathroom to a home, including tips on sink and vanity installation in this free home improvement video.

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Video Transcript

OK were in the process of setting the vanity getting ready to set the sink top on and in most cases your floors your walls will never be level or plumb so you've got to do some shimming. I have stuck some door shims little cedar shims in the bottom here to even up the how vanity sits here and its all level now. So now were ready to drive a couple of screws in the back plate to hold it in against the wall and we may shove a couple in on this side to. At this point were ready to secure it to the wall and then were ready to fit the sink top up on top of it. Ok, here is one of the shims that?s sticking out from underneath the vanity and that?s just how far off level we were. About an eighth of an inch may be a quarter of an inch. Were ready to secure the vanity to the wall and some where in this wall we know we have studs. I know there is a stud right here because I hung this box off of it and I really want to secure this vanity with two screws through the back plate into that stud and that way it will be nice and secure. No rocking. Were going to secure the vanity to the wall now. Using a three inch screw going right into the back plate here and into a stud. And that should make it nice and sturdy we will put another screw in below it just to make sure its in nice and tight. Now I know that these studs are on sixteen inch centers so I am going to try and hit another one through this corner over here. There we go. Ok. Now just for extra measure I am going to run one on this other corner and try to hit the corner stud. And we did it and Ok, now our vanity is in nice and secure and were ready to set our sink top. Which is the next process I am going to set it to fit just to make sure that is does fit and it does and it even sits perfectly level.


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