How to Hook Up Sink Angle Stops

What are sink angle stops? Learn how to add a new bathroom to a home, including tips on connecting sink angle stops in this free home improvement video.

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Video Transcript

We're hooking up the angle stops for the water supply to the sink right now. I've got the cold water side done and now I'm going to do the hot water side. I've got to cut this cap off the copper pipe and then fit the valve onto the pipe, so, let's go ahead and do that. A little bit of water in there. Okay, now we've cut that off and we're using a compression fitting where the nut goes over the pipe first. I got a little bit of a rough edge there, so I'm just going to carefully run my pliers around it to take off the roughness. There we go. Now our compression ring, which is a brass ring, and what will happen is, as the nut tightens down on the threads, this ring will be compressed down around the pipe and that's what will keep it from leaking. Now, that's a nice tight fit, you want to push it on, so that the pipe seats all the way inside the valve. Now we'll just tighten up our nut. Sometimes it takes two tools. One to hold it in place while you're tightening. O.k. Another thing I want to point out is the type of valves that I'm using are quarter turn valves. Right now it's in the open position, you can see it's a quarter turn, and now it's in the off position. There's no continual turning to open or close this valve. So, if you ever need to shut your water off in a hurry, these are the ones to use. They're very quick! Now, we won't be using these compression nuts because, we'll be using these flex lines to attach to the valve and this end will then attach to the bottom of the faucet. So, we're ready to set our vanity and put our sink top on and we'll be in business.


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