How to Make a Paper Cowboy Hat

Make a paper cowboy hat using a newspaper base and other decorations; learn this and more in this free online arts and crafts video on making party supplies taught by expert Ginny Larson.

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Video Transcript

We're going to make party hats. This is a really cool cowboy hat that's made out of newspaper. YEEHAA!! The first thing you're going to need is your newspaper base with a relatively deep crown because you're going to put a crease in the crown so that you'll have your little Stetson effect here. Once you've creased your crown, made it look more like a cowboy hat, then you're going to roll the sides. As you roll the sides of your hat you're going to roll it as straight as you can because a cowboy hat of course isn't round and then just take a little masking tape and tape it down. Roll the other side so that you have it straight. Take your masking tape and tape it down and then you're going to form the front. You're also going to roll that but if you need to cut it a little bit so that it isn't so wide you can do that. You want to roll it and kind of curve it so it does look like a hat brim and then tape that. It's not exactly a Stetson so it doesn't have to be perfect. It is a fun party hat after all. Once you've rolled your brim and you've got it the way you like it, what I did with mine was to use brown tempera paint and paint the whole hat brown or you could use black tempera paint, paint it black, if your the good guy you could use the white tempera paint and paint it white. You keep playing with it until you have the brim the way you like it and until you have your point in the front the way you like it and then go ahead and paint your hat. You're going to need to give it time to dry because it is paper and gets very wet. Then I just used some jute twine and put it around the hat a couple of time for a hat brim, but you can do all kinds of things for a hat brim with it. You could even stick a feather in you hat if you like. So cowboys...cowgirls, welcome to the range. Enjoy your paper hat.


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