Interior Design Tips for Tile Floors

Tile floors may not be the most glamorous thing when it comes to interior design. Find out about interior design tips for tile floors with help from an experienced style expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Indrani Phillips with STYLE-bites. Today, I'm excited to give you four tip son how to do interior design for tile floors. Tile floors may not be the most glamorous thing when it comes to interior design. But it's definitely a foundation to build upon. Number one, budget. Budget is so important to the process. Once you figure out what your budget is, it's going to be very easy to streamline your purchases. Number two, functionality. What is the functionality of the space? For a high traffic area like the kitchen, definitely you want to consider a durable product to make sure that it withstands high traffic areas. Three, go neutral. Neutrals so important to be able to withstand the test of time. If you pick a bold pattern or a bold color, it may out-date itself. So, if you stick neutrals and you can have fun with different textures and the design and the style of the tile pattern. You can definitely create drama in different ways. Number four, the dreaded grout lines. Grout lines are what keeps the tile together and they're a necessary evil. So, when you think about how thick of a grout line to use, definitely think about the high traffic areas again. In this kitchen, we have a very small grout line. So then it's not, as spills and stains naturally happen, it doesn't get the grout line too dirty. In this bathroom, I went the opposite and i did a very thick grout line in a very white color to emphasize the beautiful tile work of the herringbone pattern. Now, because it's not a high traffic area, this was a little bit easier for us to swallow. And it really adds more of that drama to the room, which is a regency style.


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