Which Direction for a Floating Floor?

What's nice about the floating floor is there isn't one set way to do it. Find out which direction to use for a floating floor with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. I'm Joshua Clement and this is which direction to run your floating floor. What's nice about the floating floor is there isn't one set way to do it, you can run it long ways, you can run it short ways or even diagonally. So when you are running a floating floor, we have some blueprints here and most commonly with a wider area people will run their floating floor across this way, that way they have longer runs and it makes the room look bigger. But you can go ahead and run them short. You will have more runs if you run it the short way but you will have fewer planks per run. So it kind of depends if you want to be up and moving more and try to do the short way or if you want longer runs and just scoot across there locking them in one by one. You can also run them diagonally. This does have a lot of waste to it because each piece has to be cut special for the edges but it does give a different dynamic to your room. With the floating floor there's not a lot of waste because every piece that you cut at the end, you're going to start right back with at the beginning of your next run. So it won't really use any more material to run it short ways rather than long ways because every piece is going to be used. But when you run it diagonally, you're going to have to be cutting a 45 degree angle off of each piece that hits the end of the wall. So you're going to have a lot more waste because you might only need an eight inch piece there but have a three foot piece of material and since these are tongue and groove, that entire board is pretty much wasted because there's nowhere else to use it in the room. So when deciding which way to run the floating floor, it's really up to you. What do you think looks better? I know when I put in floating floors, I'll lay out a couple planks to see if I like it running long ways or short ways. Thank you all for watching and good luck with this project.


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