Teaching Kids About the Causes & Effects of Cavities

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Teaching kids about the causes and effects of dental cavities is very important to do from an early age. Find out about teaching kids about the causes and effects of dental cavities with help from a dental expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Gary Cash. Today, we're going to discuss teaching the kids the cause and effect of dental cavities. We've put together a very fun experiment that can be done with parents or teachers. And it requires period of a day or two and it's very simple at home products. This is especially important to me because I find that a lot of my adult patients have dental fears that stem from a bad childhood experience. If we can keep kids' teeth happy, keep kids happy and healthy and their first few dental experiences be positive in nature. They tend to turn into adults that are not fearful of dental treatment and have long term dental health. So, we have a great experiment put together and all we require is some sort of dark colored soda of any variety and some eggs and a plastic cup. It's very simple and very effective in showing kids what can happen with cavities. As we know cavities are just an erosion of tooth enamel and de-calcification of tooth enamel. That doesn't really stick with kids very well. So, we have a real fun experiment we can do with an egg to show them. Here are some plain white eggs, a half dozen. Two will be all that you'll need. And white eggs are preferable because we can really see the progression of this. so, we take a white egg and we take any dark colored soda and leave the egg in the soda overnight. Show the kids in the morning, the discoloration of the egg. And if you notice all of these imperfections and etchings or pittings in the egg. And actually you even see some cracks and beginning of structural breakdown in the egg. This is actually eroding the eggshell similar to what sodas to tooth enamel. By day two, you can actually start to feel a softness to the shell when compared to a hard eggshell. It may take a day or two, but eventually the kids can actually softly squeeze the egg and feel the give and the compromise of the eggshell from sitting in soda. And this is a very good analogy when talking about tooth, white tooth enamel and what soda and sweet drinks can do to tooth enamel. Including discoloration and cracks, and fractures.


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