Paper Mache Model of the Planet Venus

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Making a paper mache model of the planet Venus is a lot of fun and super easy. The best way to do this is with some round balloons. Learn more about how to make a paper mache model of the planet Venus with tips from an arts and crafts specialist in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs. And today, we're going to make paper mache model of the planet Venus. So, you're going to need some balloons and round balloons work best. But they're not very easy to find. So, you can use a regular balloon, just don't blow it up all the way. So, something like that. Let's tie that. You place your balloon on top of a cup. Now, you'll need to make your paper mache mixture. You're going to make a mixture of water and flour, and it should be about a pancake consistency. You'll also need some newspaper. You'll dip your paper into your flour mixture and you'll kind of wipe that down a little, you don't want it too wet. And then, you'll start placing it on your balloon. You'll be overlapping the pieces. And you'll do this at least one layer over the entire balloon. Now, you'll need to make, you'll want to make a hook for your planet to hang from. So, you can use some twine. Here I've already kind of made a loop and tied my twine. So, while I'm paper macheing, I'll paper mache over that twine. So, once you have you entire balloon covered, you'll need to have that dry at least overnight. And this is what you'll end up with, look how hard that is. So, now we want to paint this planet with one layer or two layers of white paint. We want to give it a nice, clean coat. And now we're ready to paint our planet Venus. So, we're going to paint a coat of red on our planet. You can use a paint brush or a sponge. And now, I'm going to dip my sponge into some yellow paint and sponge on top of that. And here's my planet Venus. I think they look pretty similar or close enough. So, I hope you've enjoyed my instructions on making a paper mache model of Venus. I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs, thanks, bye-bye.


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