How to Clean Sticky Wood Stair Handrails

Cleaning sticky wood stair handrails is something that you can do while still maintaining that shiny wood finish. Clean sticky wood stair handrails with help from an experienced cleaning professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Teresa Ward, and do you have kids? If you do, then you must have sticky wood handrails. And, that means you need to be careful on how you clean your handrails safely, while maintaining that shiny, finished wood look. You can go to your local all-natural store to find useful items to clean with and be environmentally friendly, at the same time. Here's a quick tip on how to clean sticky wood stair handrails. This is what you will need: coconut oil, or mineral oil, baking soda, two microfiber cloths. Using one part mineral oil slash (/), coconut oil, and one part baking soda, make a paste, or toothpaste consistency. Apply with a dampened microfiber cloth to sticky area in circular motions until sticky area is gone. Remove remaining residue with a damp microfiber cloth. Thanks for hanging out with Long Island's home cleaning experts, Teresa's Family Cleaning. We hope these tips make your home clean, and remember, our reputation is spotless.


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