How to Fringe a Two-Layer Fleece Blanket

Fringing a two-layer fleece blanket will require you to carefully select two pieces of fabric. Fringe a two-layer fleece blanket with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Paula Pierce, and this is how to fringe a two-layer blanket. Creating a two-layer fringe blanket is a fun, easy project, and it creates a great custom gift. The first thing that you're gonna need to do is to select two pieces of fabric, you can choose them in the same color or two coordinating colors. Decide how big you want your blanket to be and trim the two pieces of fabric to the same size. As you are trimming your fabric to size, make sure you cut off any salvage for a nice, finished look to your fringe. Next you want to cut a square shape out of each corner of your blanket. The reason you do this is that it will result in a nice uncrowded corner for your finished blanket. I'm going to cut my fringe at 5 inches long, so I'm cutting out a corner that is 5 inches by 5 inches. Keeping your two pieces of fabric directly on top of each other, and using your cardboard or a ruler as a guide, you want to begin cutting your fringe. Your fringe should be at least 5 inches long and a half inch wide for easy tying. Then you want to tie your trim. If you tie your trim together like a shoe knot, it has a tendency to come undone and look a little bit bulky. The best way to tie your knot is like you would tie the ends of a balloon that you've blown up. Finish tying your knots all around the blanket, and you've just fringed a two-layer blanket.


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