Kindergarten Activities on the African Grasslands

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Kindergarten activities on the African grasslands require a hole puncher, some tape and a few other common items. Learn about kindergarten activities on the African grasslands with help from an artist and educator from Hollywood, Florida in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sam Kelly, I'm an artist and educator. And today, I'm going to show you a kindergarten craft about the African Grasslands. We're going to need some string, we're going to need a hole puncher, we're going to need some tape, we'll need two toilet paper rolls per child. We'll also need two pipe cleaners, a paint brush and some Tempera Paint. As you can see, I've already painted my toilet paper rolls and I chose to do just a giraffe pattern. Your kids can do really any pattern they like. They could make it look like a more realistic pair of binoculars or they could go with an animal skin kind of motif. So, as you can see, I've already hole punched on either side, just one side of each toilet paper roll. And with those holes on either side, I'm going to tape the toilet paper rolls together in the middle. And we'll just put a couple pieces of tape to get it nice and sturdy. But it should be pretty easy to put together. When most people think of the African Grasslands, they think of going on a safari. So, that is what I've chosen to show here, kind of a safari themed project. And the pipe cleaners are really just for decoration. You're going to wrap those around, twist it on the bottom and sort of tuck it in there. Then on the top, they can just pull it down, so that it's in that little crease there. It'll just look a little more fun that way. We'll do it on the other side, it'll also help them stay together, in case that tape doesn't hold so well or they're being a little bit rough with their binoculars. You know, they'll get excited when they see their first elephant out there in the grasslands. So, tuck that in again and pull this down. And of course, you want hands-free action with your binoculars. So, take a piece of yarn or string and tie that through those nice, neat, neatly punched holes. And there you have it, a pair of binoculars for your kindergartners to use on their safari in the African Grasslands. I'm Sam Kelly, thanks for joining me.


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