How to Cut Roses to Make a Vase

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Cutting roses to make a vase will require you to first pick those roses from your garden in just the right way. Cut roses to make a vase with help from an experienced floral designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Leanne Kesler, director of The Floral Design Institute. And today I'm here to share with you how to cut roses to make a vase arrangement. Whether purchased or picked from your garden the first thing you want to do is remove any leaves and thorns. I like to wear a heavy glove and just strip down just like so leaving the top leaves because they are so beautiful. But removing all the lower leaves that will end up in the water inside the vase. So you just want to remove the lower then using a sharp knife, cut at a strong slant and place them in a vase of water mixed with flower food. And then let them set for two hours to hydrate. Fully hydrated roses will last so much longer. Then you just need to cut them to fit your arrangement. And then place them into the vase and the trick here is to place them in a radial format with each stem crossing over from one side of the vase to the other which helps them to stand upright and look beautiful. Now you know how to cut your roses to create a vase arrangement. What color are you going to do?


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