How to Make Dill Pickles From Cucumbers Without Canning

When making dill pickles from cucumbers, the process doesn't actually involve any canning and only takes about three days. Make dill pickles from cucumbers with help from a culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Lynnae Schneller with Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles. And today I'm going to show you how to make no canning dill pickles. These are super easy. It makes a really nice crunchy delicious dill in just three days. So first what you want to do is wash your cucumbers. If you can if they have like a waxy residue if you add some vinegar and some water to your sink and let them sit for about 45 minutes that's a really natural easy way to get rid of all the wax buildup that might be on them. So first we are going to make the brine. And what we are going to do is take two cups of water, mix that with about a half a cup of vinegar. A tablespoon of pickling salt. And two to three tablespoons of sugar just to give it a nice little taste. So you are going to put that on the stove and boil it for just one minute. And then turn it off and let it start cooling while we pack our jars. I like to cut my cucumbers either leave them whole or cut them in thirds. But you can do it however you want, you can slice them, you can spear them. But you want to cut off just the last little bit. The last little about a sixteenth of an inch or so. And this actually cuts off some of the enzymes that lead to mushy pickles. So by just trimming the ends you are going to get a really nice crunchy all-natural pickle. So cut your pickles however you would like. And just fill the jar. And when you are done put two or three little sprigs of dill on top. I like mine to have a pretty strong flavor but if you don't just add a little bit. It goes a long ways. I also like to add garlic to mine sometimes it adds a really nice flavor. So once your jars are packed you want to take your brine that's been cooling and pour it over your jar leaving about a half an inch of room at the top. So just right below the lip. And then you'll cover the jar. I'm going to use Saran wrap and poke a few little holes in it. But you can also just use a towel something that lets it breathe. So put a covering on it. And let it just sit in a cool dark place for about three days. This will allow it to actually ferment and give you that great flavor. After three days you want to transfer it to the fridge. And I like to let mine sit about a week or so after I transfer it to the fridge as well. To really get some bold delicious flavors. And then they are ready to go.


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